Random Acts of Gnome

Back in 2010, Jason decided he had too many gnomes hanging around the house and wanted to start hiding them out in the world.

The First Gnome to Hide

For the first, he decided to hide one in the courtyard of our apartment building in among ivy under the tree in the center of the courtyard.

Peeking out

Since the gnome was hidden, and because Jason placed him there in the cover of darkness, we decided to name him Sneaks. It was kind of comforting to see him peeking out from the vines when we’d leave in the morning for work.

Sneakin in the Winter

And in the winters, when the vines would be pressed down by the snow, he’d be a bit less hidden.

A few years later the ivy had grown so much that it was hard to see him at all. Recently, though, something was amiss. Erin was convinced he had escaped his hiding place. Jason wanted to believe he’d stayed put. Did someone steal him? Had he magicked himself away? We weren’t sure. Until last week, when Jason confirmed he was gone. But where had he gone?! We were so sad to see our little guy gone.

But wait! Our story has a happy ending!

Out in the Open!

When we were leaving for the gym this weekend and something caught Jason’s eye on the other side of the courtyard. IT WAS SNEAKS!! Apparently, he wanted some sunshine (or someone had moved him from his hiding place and put him out in the open). Needless to say, this made us both smile! Sneaks is alive and well; perhaps it’s time one of his buddies joined him (we have 4 others to choose from).

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