Playing Catchup

Playing Catchup - 2013

Hello from the most negligent bloggers in the land! We kept drafting posts, then not posting posts, then deleting posts, and ultimately ignoring the mere existence of posts. So here’s a little highlight reel of the last few months. We have trips to Chicago, Minnesota, and even India. We have weddings, and sightseeing, and family reunions. We have lots of friends, and lots of amazing skies. It’s been a great year and we’ve been, apparently, too busy to document it properly! Here’s to the close of 2013 and a 2014 with even more to show.

Big Apple BBQ
We came, we ate all the meat.

Big Apple BBQ

Celebrating an old friend’s wedding in Jason’s favorite city.


Erin & Beth

Beautiful Chicago

Jekyll Island
Another wedding—this time family—on the beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia, known for Driftwood Beach.

Mintyrents and Us

Driftwood Beach

Ready for a Wedding

Bo Ssam
Shared an incredible bo ssam with ten friends and ate until we couldn’t see straight!

Delicious Bossam with friends

Beach Week 2013
Summer vacation tradition continues, but this time with a heavy heart for Jersey.

Miss the view of Funtown Pier

G Street

Fete Paradiso on Governor’s Island
An antique French carnival set up in New York Harbor? Ooh la la!



Amazing view from the Ferry

NYCC 2013
The boys headed to ComicCon again, this time with Cameron, too! (see more on Jason’s Flickr account).


Erin took the work trip of a lifetime.

Taj Mahal


Once again we hosted our family and friends for pie, stuffing, and turkey turkey turkey.

Prepping Desserts

Minnesota Weekend Getaway
Braved 2° high temps to see Lauren and Peto! Escaped to Mall of America.

Cherry on Top

Mall of America

The Best!

Bring on 2014
And as the sun sets on 2013, we are ready for a whole new year of adventure!

Yet Another Brooklyn Sunset

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