Free Concert: New York Philharmonic

Enjoying the Show

One of the greatest things about New York City in the summer is the sheer number of free events you can attend. There’s Shakespeare in the Park, movie showings, and more. Every year, the New York Philharmonic has free performances in city parks, notably Central Park. That show is always packed blanket to blanket, so we went to the one in Prospect Park in Brooklyn along with our friend Holly—we hoped to have a smaller experience closer to home. We arrived early enough to be on the main lawn but thought the more sparsely populated edge would be a nicer location. (This was our first time listening at Prospect Park, and it turns out we were wrong: though you can hear the music pretty well, the speakers are not aimed at you, which meant many quiet parts of the pieces were completely lost on our area. This also means people in attendance chatter incessantly and don’t sit quietly. Next time, we’ll go farther in!)

The Growing Crowd

Dinner in the Park

Yummy Sandwich

Our View of the Concert

Getting Some Knitting Done


We went the easy route and ordered food to go from Dizzy’s right near the entrance to the park. We spread it all out, ate, and then Holly and I both knit as the sun set. The show began at 8pm, when the fireflies were starting to come out and the sunset was casting a glow over the park. The performance included Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 and two pieces by Respighi: Fountains of Rome and Pines of Rome. None of us was familiar with the pieces, but they were beautiful. Erin’s always loved going to the orchestra but prefers being able to see the musicians playing, and Jason is eager to go to one where he can actually hear it; we’re looking into the schedule at Lincoln Center for the future.

After the concert ended, there were fireworks to celebrate! Though there was a tree in the way, we had great seats; this sure made up for the lack of explosions in the sky on Independence Day!





Take a listen to the concert yourself in the video Erin took.

(shot with the 7D)

4 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    I’ve performed both Pines of Rome and the Tchaik 4 – love both of them so much and glad to hear that you enjoyed them!

  2. jodi says:

    wonderful! love that lightning bug photo. i would love to go next summer.

    also — i love how holly is still not allowed on erin’s quilt. 😉

  3. miko says:

    oooh this definitely made up for the lack of fireworks photos on the 4th! i was sorry to miss the Phil in the park this year! i too love that lightning bug pic.

  4. A Look Back at 2012 | Jason & Erin says:

    […] blog in June, after all!). Not only did we finally walk across the Manhattan Bridge, listen to the Philharmonic in the park, and take a trip to San Francisco, we weathered Superstorm Sandy, hosted a delicious Thanksgiving, […]

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