(Foggy) Bay Area Tour

Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

Jason’s one real demand on our trip to San Francisco was to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Erin had driven over it quite a few times in the past but had never actually been to it on foot. On Saturday we walked along Crissy Field until we were at the bridge’s base and got some nice photos despite a dreary background. On Sunday, the day dawned with sunny blue skies, and we thought it would bode well for gorgeous shots of the bridge, so we changed our plan and booked a one-hour boat tour in the bay. This isn’t the boat to Alcatraz (that was sold out—book in advance!), but it goes around Alcatraz as well as under the bridge, with historical commentary. But, um, we were completely wrong about the weather. Or maybe we just didn’t know enough to know that gorgeous sunny skies and warmth to the south would portend icy icy fog to the north. And icy is the only way to describe it. With wind whipping through our sweaters we huddled together atop the boat and wondered, truly, what in the world we were doing. Still, we got some cool shots, even if they weren’t what we’d anticipated.

Someday we will be back on one of those picture-perfect days!

Setting Sail

The Rock Awaits

Alcatraz Island

Quite the Spooky Feeling

Cameras Ready

Where's the Bridge?

Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

Look It's Orange?

I'm Sailing Away


The Rolling Fog

Foggy Rock

Sunny City

Falling in Love with this City

City by the Bay

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  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Loved the pics of the bridge. It’s great to get a good result like that even when conditions are not ideal.


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