Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Thank you to all our friends and family who have gotten in touch to be sure we are OK after Hurricane Sandy swept through. Our apartment wasn’t affected, thankfully (Hurricane Irene, in contrast, caused extensive water damage in our apartment), but Jason had to weather the event on his own, filling bottles with water and managing all the electronics, because Erin was stuck in Chicago on a business trip that lasted three days longer than originally scheduled. We ended up having quite different experiences: Erin was in a 4-star hotel, meeting up with friends, while Jason was in our apartment hoping to not run out of power or food! Luckily we never lost Internet or electricity, so we could stay in touch the entire time. Both of us documented our days…

Jason waiting for the storm

Slim Pickins

The Aftermath

Quiet Brooklyn Streets

Erin at the top of the Sears Tower

Cloud Gate aka The Bean!

The Windy City

Sunrise in Chicago

Jason has uploaded more photos and a few videos┬áif you want to see more. Erin posted a few other photos to her own blog. Also, if you can find the means, please donate to the Red Cross. The recovery for the city and, notably, New Jersey, is going to be long. Our hearts go out to everyone affected directly. And a huge thank you to Jodi and Chris, who went out of their way (with Jason) to pick Erin up at the airport when finding a car service wasn’t looking good!

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  1. miko says:

    we’re so glad you managed to get home safely Erin! I’m sorry you had to weather the storm alone Jason but at least we were all able to stay in touch since we were lucky enough not to lose power or internet for the most part.

    those sunrise pics are fantastic!

  2. julia says:

    yikes yikes yikes! glad you’re both safe and powered up and fed. and united!


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