San Francisco!

Hello San Francisco!

It feels like forever ago that we went to San Francisco (and in some ways it was), but life sped up and the truth is, it’s not going to slow down, so it’s time to blog about the trip! Apologies for the delay.

We were going to San Francisco for a wedding. Well, a wedding reception—Erin’s friend Julia was getting married at City Hall on Friday and a reception would be on Saturday night. It was a perfect excuse for a long weekend in SF, a city Erin has always loved but Jason had never been to. Labor Day weekend was typical for SF, with temps in the 50s, and Jason could not have been happier. It made our walking tour of the city (and we do mean walking tour—we covered 25 miles in two and a half days) completely lovely. Highlights include tacos in the Mission, North Beach, Chinatown, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Golden Gate, a boat tour, friends, classic San Francisco meals, and, of course, more tacos.

La Taqueria

Welcome to the Mission

Beautiful Skies

The Hills

Looking Back

Lombard Street


Palace of Fine Arts

Inside the Palace

The Bay

Erin taking in the view

Some birdge

Jason's first time seeing the bridge

The City by the Bay

The Rock



Beautiful Murals

Clarion Alley


Tadich Grill

Foggy Sunset

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  1. Monika (Mom) says:

    We haven’t been there for years and this was a really nice photo tour.

  2. A Look Back at 2012 | Jason & Erin says:

    […] walk across the Manhattan Bridge, listen to the Philharmonic in the park, and take a trip to San Francisco, we weathered Superstorm Sandy, hosted a delicious Thanksgiving, and had our annual beach week […]

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