Science never tasted so good. Brisketlab came to the Foursquare offices, and our friends had an extra pound of brisket to sell, which we snapped up. We all snagged seats at a picnic table in the Foursquare cafeteria—along with a few hundred other hungry people. There was a choice of “fatty” or “lean” brisket, or both (Jason wisely got us half a pound of each rather than split our orders), and some sides: Whole Foods mac n cheese and jicama-melon salad. Those stamped with a blue cow on their hands were in the first wave; though our wave (red) wasn’t ever called, it was clear the crowd was managing the flow themselves. Both types of brisket were pretty tasty, but both of us preferred the fatty. The spice rub had a decidedly pastrami vibe, and don’t get us wrong, we love pastrami, but it wasn’t what we were expecting. Our friends, who’ve sampled Brisketlab before, tell us that last time it was unbearably salty on the outside and flavorless on the inside. I don’t think that was the case this time—go go experimental method!

Of course, because it was at the Foursquare offices there had to be some kind of perk for checking in, right? They didn’t disappoint, giving anyone who checked in a free can of Six Point beer (not a tiny thing). The cafeteria accommodates far more than the 110 employees we hear they have, and damn was it noisy. The band, Emily Asher, was fantastic though, and the music was a nice addition to the evening. Cap it all off with some great friends, and we had a fantastic time.

Held at the Foursquare Headquarters

Met up with some friends

Tokens for food and beer

The Crowd

Next in line

Yummy Yummy Brisket

There was even a live band

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  1. Shirleymom says:

    Definitely the fatty for me. You must take us to all of these places when we get back.


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