Park Avenue Armory

Park Avenue Armory

There are so many hidden gems in New York City. How is it that a block-large armory still exists on the Upper East Side? The Park Avenue Armory has been repurposed into a flexible exhibit space. We went there recently with our friend Holly to see a piece called The Murder of Crows, a musical experience unlike any we’d ever been to before. The three of us were completely blown away by the piece, and we recommend it if you get a chance to see it. Sadly, no photos were allowed within the main Drill Hall, so we couldn’t capture the cavernous space, empty but for the few chairs in the middle and the scattering of dozens of speakers. But oh, how we both wanted to sneak photos! Instead, we were able to explore the exterior rooms and hallways, all perfectly preserved. (Some events can be photographed, though, like the quilt installation Erin attended there last year, Infinite Variety.) We’ll be keeping an eye on future programs and will definitely be back.

Beautiful Light Fixtures

Plenty of Paintings

An Empty Room

Looking the Other Way

Stained Glass Windows

Beautifully Decorated

Relaxing Room

The Murder of Crows

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