Quick Bite – Katana-Ya

Quick Bite - Katana-Ya

It’s been awhile since Erin and I updated our site, and we thought creating quick posts about meals we’ve eaten would be a great way to breathe new life into the site.

This week we’re visiting San Francisco while I attend Google I/O. We were both hungry and wanted to get something simple and warm on a damp, cool May day. After some Google searching, Erin found Katana-Ya ramen in the Union Square neighborhood, which was near our hotel.

I had the Katana-Ya Ramen in Soy Broth. It included two pieces of BBQ pork, seaweed, green onions, corn, a hard-boiled egg, 2 pieces of fried goyza, and 2 pieces of karaage (fried chicken).

Katana-Ya Ramen

Erin had the BBQ Pork Ramen in Miso Broth. It included four pieces of BBQ pork, seaweed, and green onions. We both wished the pork was a pork belly as this was a bit tougher than we’re used to.

BBQ Pork Ramen

All in all, pretty good.

Some helpful tips:

  • When you arrive, there is a sign-in sheet outside the door. Put your name down and expect a small wait.
  • Turnaround is quick.
  • Food arrives fast and hot!
  • May need to flag down weight staff to pay your bill.
  • They don’t take American Express.
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    1. Monica says:

      Try Ramen Underground on Kearny if you want ramen again in that neighborhood.


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